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Aspen HYSYS: Chemical Distribution in the Hydrodealkylation of Toluene

Aspen HYSYS: Chemical Distribution in the Hydrodealkylation of Toluene

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Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Sending the first email to request a letter of recommendation to your professor can be daunting but necessary to move your career to the next step. This post will help you to request your first letter of recommendation.

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#AIChE2020 Proud Advisor of Our Student Chapter

This blog post summarizes my thoughts and experiences during the #AIChE2020 Annual Student Conference as a faculty advisor.

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Having FUN with Zoom Backgrounds in times of COVID-19

I signed up for the A to Z Challenge to force myself to write about how I am walking through these strange times #COVID19. I am glad that I have found some motivation to write about my process.

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Quick transition into online format in the times of COVID-19

I have had strong feelings and frustrations about the many changes in my daily routine. Besides my personal life, one of the biggest challenges was to transition my classes to an online format.

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Advising Engineering Student Organizations

Do you ever wonder why faculty gets involved as the academic advisor of professional students organizations? Sometimes it is an assigned responsibility, but for some of us, it is not.

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Becoming an engineering professor

“Changing disciplines during my career has forced me to understand that teaching is a process, and it requires the active participation of both the instructor and the learner.”