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Aspen HYSYS: Chemical Distribution in the Hydrodealkylation of Toluene

Welcome to another post about Aspen HYSYS. This time, I will be working with the synthesis of a process to hydrodealkylate toluene to produce benzene. The statement was inspired by the book Seider, Warren D. (2017). Product and process design principles : synthesis, analysis, and evaluation. New York :Wiley.

Why I am doing this? Because I want my students and students around the globe to feel confident enough to compete in the AIChE Student Design Competition. Also, because former students end up doing process design and keep asking for the videos after leaving my classroom. I also do it for my fellow engineer professors that want to use or adapt this content into their classroom. We are better together!

Used in the following courses: ECH 4644:Process Design (Design 2)

Recorded: Spring 2021/ HYSYS Version: V11

Training Goal (s):

  1. Using HYSYS, simulate the synthesis of a process to hydrodealkylate toluene to produce benzene
  2. Distribute the chemical by focusing on material balances
  3. Learn basic features of Aspen HYSYS including troubleshooting

Problem Statement

Available Videos

Video 0 (8m 22s)-Problem Statement Explanation

Video 1 (11m 01s)- Problem 1 Calculating Economic Potential

Video 2 (12m 03s)- Problem 2-Part A: Adding Components, Fluid Package, and Multiple Reactions

Video 3 (16m 46s)- Problem 2-Part B: Adding and converging an isothermal reactor

Video 4 (9m 59s)-Problem 2- Part C: Adding Mixers and calculating plant capacity using operating factor

Video 5 (23m 33s)- Problem 2-Part D:  Adding Mathematical Manipulator Blocks, Adjust (ADJ) and SET, and troubleshooting stream inconsistencies.

Video 6 (14m 56s)-Problem 2-Part E:  Adding a component splitter, a tee (mass splitter), and a purge

Video 7 (28m 04s))-Problem 2-Part F:  Adding a recycle,  troubleshooting, adding tables to PFD, and setting up the workbook.

Video 8 (8m 10s)- Problem 2- Part G: Component splitter, recycle, and readjusting the ADJ

How to access more videos?

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