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Sindia M. Rivera-Jiménez, Ph.D. (she/her/ella)

I am an Instructional Assistant Professor with the Engineering Education Department and affiliated faculty to the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Florida. I am a chemical engineer in academia navigating her professional identities as an educator, social researcher, and communicator. This website intends to share with the reader my transition into an engineering education research career and social justice advocate.

All stated from my interest to use evidence-based practices in my engineering classroom to help my students work in collaborative and inclusive environments. I also work in facilitating professional development for students, faculty, and industry in social justice topics in the engineering profession. As a contingent faculty, I had to figure out how to start my social research from a faculty position that is inherently limited by years of traditional roles and peer bias.

My research is interdisciplinary by nature, although I consider myself a more political engineer and educator, as those are the areas I have been developing through my career. My research lies at the intersection of societal change, engineering communities, agency, and education of engineers. I am primarily interested in understanding how engineering communities within professional societies influence (or hinders) agency to create transformational changes in the professional formation of engineers. I use a broad range of theoretical frameworks, cross-disciplinary boundaries and apply multiple research methods.

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The Engineering Professor

This website intends to share ideas and actionable advice on effective and equitable teaching and social research practices from the perspective of a chemical engineering faculty transitioning into engineering education research. So, if you are faculty, staff, industry folk, or student working on engineering education, or if you are transitioning into it, this website is for you!

Research Projects

My research work focuses on engineering communities organizing strategies for transformational change. Communities include any group such as faculty, students, design teams, professional societies, and technical labs that wish to enact their agency for change. Transformational change refers to a frame-breaking change that completely alters the current operating structure, such as processes, people, and technology. My research design includes qualitative and quantitative methods using a broad range of theoretical approaches and cross disciplinary boundaries.


I am a science communicator at heart (#SciComm). I have dedicated my career to serve and educate others by creating resources that can help them in their careers. For my students, I enjoy creating technical and skill-based content that can help them in their future careers. For my faculty peers, I share best practices in teaching-learning, time management, service, and action research. Click below to access my always-increasing repository of resources. 

Speaking Engagements

We learn better from engaging with other stories and perspectives. A big part of my service has been facilitating professional development for faculty, students, staff, and industry folks. This service comes from watching my mom doing the same when she was a middle school teacher. My current speaking engagements topics include teaching practices with teams, diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice

Scientists study the world as it is; Engineers create the world that has never been.

Theodore von Karman, Mathematician, aerospace engineer, and physicist
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