Meet Dr. Rivera

After 10 years of multiple teaching positions at a community college and higher education, I have realized that to become the best teacher I can be, I need to learn how to do engineering education research. This site intends to share with the reader, my thoughts on how I am embarking on a new engineering education career. This website will serve as my professional portfolio and blog. I will discuss random things about the engineering practice, my involvement in professional societies, teaching practices, and how they contribute to better educate a future generation of chemical engineers. Read her blog post “Becoming an engineering professor” to learn about her transition into education.

What do I do?


She began her academic career by obtaining her B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering. During her doctoral studies, she researched the synthesis and characterization of surface-modified mesoporous materials for water remediation of low concentration contaminants. Toward this work, she has four papers and one patent approved.


Dr. Rivera instructs chemical engineering undergraduate level engineering courses as an Instructional Assistant Professor of the Department of Engineering Education. She uses evidence-based teaching practices to foster collaboration and inclusive environments in teams. With more than 10 year in higher education, she has developed courses in chemistry, capstone design and outreach experiences. Read more about her Teaching Activities.

Social Researcher

Her current NSF-Funded project studies how volunteering members in professional societies and higher education institutions can become agents of change by influencing teaching practices, educational policy, developing strategies, and conducting accreditation activities on behalf of their professions. She looks into transformational changes regarding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and the social implications of the engineering profession. Read more.

Training Facilitator

Outside the classroom, she serves as a creator and facilitator of professional development workshops for students, faculty, and industry on social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering. She is currently supporting the development of a campus-wide certificate program in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) in collaboration with the UF Center for Teaching Excellence. Read more

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